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On 8th March 2022, the President of Pakistan, Arif Alvi hailed the CEO of TechAbout with the Best Presidential IT Award 2022. CEO Jazib Zaman has been awarded by the President of Pakistan for the third time in three consecutive years. TechAbout ranked in the top 3 best performers in the IT sector of Pakistan. The Presidential Award Ceremony took place in the Presidential House Islamabad, where the IT sector of Pakistan and members of the Lahore Chamber of Commerce and Industry (LCCI) enthusiastically participated.

This event is a major sign that Pakistan is heading towards technological evolution. Though slowly this progress in the digital transformation is tremendous progress on part of individual companies and Pakistan IT sector collectively.

Federal Minister of National Food Security and Research Syed Fakhar Imam also acquainted President Arif Alvi and congratulated the TechAbout CEO Jazib Zaman for his excellent performance. Along with the Federal Minister, there were many other notable personalities such as Ahtisham-u-din Khan (Adv. High Court), Nouman S. Ghumman (Adv High Court), Ch. Shahnawaz Sura, and Shoaib Sheikh.

TechAbout wins Presidential Award 2022 for best performance in IT sector

Till 2021, Pakistan was rather slow in catching up with developed nations like China, Indonesia, and European countries. However, the COVID-19 pandemic jostled the collective consciousness of Pakistanis and impelled them to understand the crucial place of technology in today’s world. The world has entered a new revolution where communication is happening through social media platforms and businesses are running digitally.

The total economy of countries is taking a shift to the internet economy. Hospitals, construction companies, and small and large businesses are adopting the latest technology. Data is becoming a symbol of power and in this digital age, lagging behind other countries is not a sane option. Pakistan needs professional geeks, computer nerds, social media marketers, and website developers for raising the indisputable importance of technology.

In this regard, TechAbout is doing its best. It has developed its ERP system, CRM, hospital management system, accounting software, International Tech Magazines with the help of its programmers, engineers, architects, designers, and content creators. Its team of designers, social media marketers, website developers, and incisive writers serve national and international clients with outstanding performance and the most promising outcomes.

Professionals at TechAbout brainstorm and plan the strategies to bring a rapid change in the Pakistan IT sector. Discipline, devotion, and constant hard work are the motto of TechAbout. Today, technology spares not a single part of life. If Pakistan wants to enter the forefront of rising nations, then it has to adopt the latest and most sophisticated technology. TechAbout is playing this role responsibly. It has professional nerds and computer geeks who know their work.

Jazib Zamanwins Presidential Award 2022 for best performance in IT sector - TechAbout wins Presidential Award 2022 for best performance in IT sector

To raise the importance of technology, computer nerds and experts at TechAbout research, assemble the important developments, and promote the crucial events of technology. Pakistan is a breeding ground for IT companies and eCommerce businesses. That’s why projecting a solid image of Pakistan is a vital part of the policy.

In enhancing the global image of the Pakistan IT sector, CEO Jazib Zaman has shown a firm determination. President Arif Alvi highlighted the importance of the IT sector and how it is important for the Gross Domestic Product (GDP) of Pakistan.

TechAbout is playing a crucial role in bringing financial prosperity and employment opportunity to the Pakistani economy and IT sector. Introducing viable strategies and enhancing awareness about global technological developments can stimulate the business community to invest in the IT sector. This collective and constant effort can predict a luminously bright future for Pakistani youth and skilled workers. At TechAbout, professional geeks tackle different projects and bring the most promising results.

President Arif Alvi praised the devotion of the TechAbout team and acknowledged their continuous efforts. TechAbout has also got two more awards before the Presidential Award for the third time in a row.

This hat-trick shows the resolve of the TechAbout team to implement the latest and most advanced technology. In 2020, President Arif Alvi hailed TechAbout with the Presidential Export Trophy and in 2021 with the Best Software Company Award.

CEO of TechAbout humbled by the kudos of President Arif Alvi and expressed his mission in the following words, “We will take the Pakistan IT sector to the new heights of development till 2025. A developed and rigorous IT sector would have the potential to surpass 40 billion exports, which are roughly 3.5 billion at a time.”

This event marks the beginning of a new resolve for the TechAbout team and its CEO Jazib Zaman looks more determined to achieve the more major milestones. We congratulate TechAbout CEO Jazib Zaman and his devotional team for their contributions to the Pakistan IT sector.

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