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ERP Systems

Looking for making a change to your business? You can improve your analysis by integration ERP Systems.

Power to Automate

Your Business

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Stunning Looks & Functionality

Eliminate your website building stress by using Salient
Customer Relationship Management

End-to-end customer support, functionality seamlessly…

Project Control Office

Every record of the project from execution till final billing.


A responsive layout helps you to access the software anywhere in the world.

Talent Resource Management

Enables full record of employees, recruitment, on-boarding, off-boarding, payrolls…

Time and Attendance for Services

Keep yourself updated about the timings and attendance of employees working in your office.

Finance Management

Get the calculated output of every revenue and expense.

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Power Up

Give a boost to your business by automating it with ERP System solutions.

Easy to Use

Responsive design which is accessible on every device with user friendly interface.

Detailed Reporting

All kinds of reporting are available to make an accurate and precise decision.

Work with Professionals

Custom ERP Development

We build custom functionality to off the shelf ERP software to meet your unique business model. We can automate workflows or BPM, integrate data imports, solution modifications, and exports & extension by creating custom modules to create a platform that works seamlessly for your business.

Seamless Data Migrations

Highly skilled developers update the legacy systems ensuring data integrity when migrating the legacy data, modernizing the data infrastructure, integrating raw data silos, and exposing the data landscape to gain the benefits of data modeling.

Expert ERP

Our experts implement your custom networks, security, servers, and data management solutions throughout your whole organization with data integrity sustain with little or no downtime incurred. Our developers introduce platform for your business in a cost-effective experience.

Custom ERP Solutions

We customize the ERP solutions to create improved scalable, enterprise-wide Enterprise resource planning systems to automate critical processes and give key data insights across on-premise, mobile, and web-based platforms giving real-time access to mission-critical data.

All in One Business Solutions

TechAbout have extensive experience in ERP (Enterprise resource planning) implementation, customizations and integrations for robust ERP (Enterprise resource planning) platforms that fit your unique business style.

  • Budget System
  • Ledger System
  • Allocations System
  • Aging System
  • Payroll System
  • Estate Project System
  • Rent Contract System
  • Purchase Order System
  • School Info System
  • Pharmacy System
  • Orderly Room System
  • Tasks Monitoring System
  • Feedback System
  • Bids Tracking System
  • Archival System
  • HR System
  • Fixed Assets System
  • Legal & CA System
  • Inventory System
  • Reception Support System

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