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Refund Policy

What is a refund policy?

Refund policy is a contract/agreement whereby customers are informed about the policies of refund and returns. The refund policy informs the customers about how many days before they can cancel their order and how much refund will they be able to get.

Given the nature of services we provide we often do not give a refund or provide a service on credit unless the agreement states so. However, in order to satisfy the customers and establish long term relationships, we do provide a refund as per the following policies.

Note: Our refund policies are very strict and we humbly request every customer to comply by the rules.


  • Customers have up to 7 days to ask for a refund.
  • The serial number of the service must be verified before refunding the customer.
  • If the customer asks for refund after 7 days of purchasing a service, they will not be granted refund.

Contact us:

If you ful-fill the criteria of our refund policy. Please refer to our contact us page and fill the form.