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Digitizing Human Potential

Influencers. Innovators. Originators.

We Empower Humanity

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We strive to integrate tech-centred solutions into everyday life and make this planet a better place to live at!

Our team of professionals has years’ long experience and expertise to bring life to your brand and product line. Our services are highly customized around users’ preferences and experiences.

Our services portfolio expand from clouding your data to representing it in the best words, with the right imagery, to the perfect mix of audience. We aim to reshape businesses into brands.

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Website Development

We showcase your business idea into a professional website.

Search Engine Optimization

We maximize your ROI by driving potential traffic to your business.

Content Creation

Words value. Get your words count by hiring our experienced content writers.

WordPress Solutions

We offer a hub of WordPress Themes and Plugins to cater your USP.

Digital Marketing

We enliven your social media presence.

Graphics Designing Services

We strive to place your brand in a creative yet informative way.

Customer Relationship Management

We craft your CRM strategy to ensure efficient customer care.

Enterprise Resource Planning

Our FinTech experts strategize your business model into one dashboard.

Application development

We can shelf your complex service in an easy-to-use business application.

Shops and onsite stores

Shopping is fun, isn’t it? Scorching heat and travelling tiredness is no fun though! Your shops and branded salons still exist but they are now a matter of choice for you.

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E-commerce integration

You can access all at one place now! Technology has made your shopping experience hassle free and a matter of a few clicks by introducing the idea of e-commerce stores.

TechAbout Clientele

Over 200 Global Clients

Our global clientele includes some legendary names of the tech industry. We’ve provided services to a significant number of clients ranging from individuals to enterprises. Our team strives to deliver commendable results no matter how complicated the business requirements are. TechAbout is privileged to be a part of the success of many and is looking forward to serving the globe by the motto of “technology for everyone.”

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