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PlayStation VR Review: Is The New Reality For Consoles

playstation VR Review


With the release of the Oculus Rift and HTC Vive, there was no opportunity for any Virtual Reality device not working with a PC.

However, with the new version of the PlayStation VR, this was not true anymore. This device is an excellent and very affordable piece of technology that can give us a bite of what quality VR is like.

It is not perfect, of course. It has some issues – like the fact of having to buy a PlayStation Camera and Move Controller if you want to have a great experience, but we can assure that this is just worth it.

With this device not completely developed, games not being entirely designed and working just as demos, you can still have a great experience with some of them. You can play Batman VR to immerse in a new action world, the Job Simulator to have great laughs and even the Wayward Sky to prove your instincts and reflexes.

To play with the VR, you’ll just need a PS4, the Dual Shock 4 controller and at least 6-foot square of space with enough light. Setting it up is easy, the device comes with instructions and it is just matters of a few minutes.

PlayStation VR: How it Looks Magical

Just as every other VR device on the market, this one needs to immerse its user in a new world or reality creating two images in the console and sending them to the device a few feet away. It is great in the PlayStation VR because unlike its competitors; this device can do it without having an incredibly expensive GPU.

This device does its work by tracking the lights of the controllers, being the Move or the Dual Shock with the PlayStation Camera in nine different points to create a freedom of movement.

The remarkable fact that it uses a camera to track movement makes it a little more accurate, but that doesn’t mean it has some issues. Like the tracking loss of the controllers happening often.

In the other hand, it should have more than one camera to work correctly. When you’re playing and step a little out of the camera range, it will start warning you to step closer, but this doesn’t happen with the other VR’s, like the HTC Vive who gives a room-scale system to move around with no problems whatsoever perfectly.

What’s more, most games will recommend the user to play in two positions, standing up or sitting down both stationary. However, you can experience most of them when playing standing up.

The best thing you can do to make this system work better is to move the camera to an angle covering as much room as possible to avoid getting up and setting the camera after starting a game.

What PlayStation VR is exactly

Virtual Reality has existed for decades, but the new technology seems way better and immersive than the other versions. VR is the best way to get out of your house without actually moving a finger; making it possible to explore different worlds and fantasies from home.

And it is just as impressive as it looks.

This device works with the greatest visual quality a VR with low-budget GPU’s can give. With less than even half of a gaming PC capacity, this VR can provide even the same amount of FPS and image quality.

However, this device has a significant advantage over the others VR devices. It is possible to play lots of game as Sony is already a game publisher and will not make it difficult to adapt and develop different other games for its new device. While the other franchises will have to create their games or adapt to the ones they’re given, Sony is already pushing its games to the maximum.

With more than 50 games expected to the end of the year, this new device will make everyone experience awesome games in a way no one could ever expect to do. Chasing cars, flying airplanes, immersing in the deep oceans, improving reflexes and so much more, in this new device that will revolutionize the way you experience.

How Should You Replace Samsung Galaxy Note 7?

replace samsung galaxy note 7

There have been some issues about the Samsung Galaxy Note 7 that it catches fire. After receiving such issues, Samsung has decided to stop selling any Samsung Galaxy Note 7 and also has asked their customers to return the Samsung Galaxy Note 7 that has been sold out. Along with this the US government has started an official Samsung Galaxy recollection and is estimated to affect about 1 million such devices. So, if you just purchased the new Samsung Galaxy Note 7, kindly read this article to get an idea how you can replace the Note 7.

Even though there have been such issues with very few devices but the risks are substantial enough for Samsung to start a costly global recollection. If you have a Samsung Galaxy Note 7 with you, you can replace Samsung Galaxy Note 7 or ask for a refund.

Contact the customer service team of Samsung:

Owners who reside in the UK should call the Samsung customer service on 03307261000, after that the Samsung customer support will take over and explain you the process of returning your new Samsung Galaxy Note 7. Mobile networks and operators that already have sold Samsung Galaxy Note 7 will start contacting their customers, as Samsung confirmed, from September 19th to start recollection. Although you can use the number mentioned above to contact Samsung customer service.

In the US, call at 1-800-726-7864 (1-800-SAMSUNG) and in Australia call at 1300 362 603 to get in contact with the customer service of Samsung.

There is also the option of having a live chat with the Samsung officials on Samsung’s support website. If you are concerned about your Samsung Galaxy Note 7 you can take it to the store from where you bought it to acquire more information.

To check whether your Samsung Galaxy Note 7 is safe and does it need replacing, Samsung will be releasing websites that would let you check whether your device needs replacing or not. You will be required to fill in your phone’s IMEI number which can be found in the “settings” option and inside the option “About phone”.

Exchange program of US:

In the US, the exchange program is right.  For the Samsung Galaxy Note 7 and Samsung Galaxy Note 7, you can replace it by a new Samsung Galaxy Note 7 or Samsung S7 Edge and also there will be a replacement of other Note 7 accessories. Along with this, Samsung is also offering credit for those who have carrier bill or $25 gift card. Replacing new Galaxy Note 7 with an old one is supposed to start early next week, but there is still no information about when the replacement would start with Samsung S7 Edge.

You can call 1-800-SAMSUNG or head to the store where you bought your Samsung Galaxy Note 7 from to start the replacement of your phone. Although the US government is cautious and slow about the replacement, as Samsung did not follow the official way of recollection, Samsung is moving quickly to replace phones as fast as possible.

It is how US customers should respond to the recollection call and for the rest of the customers across the world; words will be out soon concerning the recollection.

Exchange program of UK:

Official statements concerning the replacement of your Samsung Galaxy Note 7 have been released in the UK as well.

Samsung acclaimed that they are going to release the new Samsung Galaxy Note 7 for sales on 28th October which does not have design flaws like the old versions of Samsung Galaxy Note 7 have.

If you purchase the Samsung Galaxy Note 7 from Carphone Warehouse, it is recommended to get in touch with them on their support phone line which is 0370 111 6565.To replace your Samsung Galaxy Note 7 you can call your network operator, if you have Three Customers, you dial 333, for Vodafone dial 191 and EE dial 150.

If you have a contract with O2, you are supposed to dial 202, and if you are in a deal of pay as you go, call at 4445 from your device.

Samsung has asked its customers to change their old Samsung Galaxy Note 7 with a new Samsung Galaxy Note 7, and this exchange program will start from 19th September.

Now Samsung began to put more focus on the recollection program of Samsung Galaxy Note 7 in UK and Europe, as because 19th September has passed away.

To decrease the risk of catching fire in the old Samsung Galaxy Note 7 and to encourage customers to exchange their note 7, Samsung will start to release a new software update from 20th September that will decrease the charging capacity of the old versions of Note 7 to 60%.

Samsung will also release a new web page that will ask the customers to fill in the IMEI number of their Samsung Galaxy Note 7 to see if their Note 7 is required to be replaced or not. You can find IMEI numbers in the About Phone option which is within the settings option.

Features Which Makes a SmartPhone “Smart”

smartphone features

How is a SmartPhone Different Than a Cell Phone

Whether you are employed, or you own a business, you are required to carry out routine tasks associated with your business or work. If you think about any daily task, whether it is noting down memos, jotting down important pieces of information, adding names in your address book, or maintaining important telephone numbers, there is an electronic device which can help you to do that. The list of such daily tasks can be big, and it is not practically possible to keep several electronic devices about your person. You just don’t have enough pockets to support all the devices. On the other hand, if you have a common device which can not only cater to your daily activities, but also help you make calls, take pictures, capture videos, play music, and even browse the net, it would solve many of your problems. A smartphone is such a device.

A smartphone is a specialized device, which can cater to all of your communication and computational needs in a single, comparatively small device. Currently, there are several types and makes of smartphones available in the market. Almost each model has some unique feature to offer. It is worth knowing exactly how this phone differs from a traditional cell phone.

The differentiating features

Unlike traditional cell phones, these phones have numerous features which can’t be incorporated in old-fashioned cell phones, simply because the older versions are just not technically advanced to handle the features. Cell phones have a few built-in applications which can’t be updated or changed as per wish. Moreover, the features can’t be configured to work in the manner you desire. That’s not the case with smartphones. You can download new applications and delete them when you no longer need them. You can set up digital diaries and download the data to the PC or laptop for storage purposes. On a standard phone, this is not possible.

Advanced facilities

Since smart phones can be considered as a combination of standard phones and PDAs, they offer several unique features such as:

  • Send as well as receive mobile phone calls using hands-free features. Many smartphones are Wi-Fi compatible.
  • Help in carrying out routine activities as those offered by PDAs.
  • Can be linked up or interfaced with laptops and computers.
  • Data synchronization can be set up with software such as Apple’s iCal calendar and Microsoft Outlook.
  • Send and receive e-mails.
  • Use instant messaging features.
  • Download and play video games.
  • Use simple word processors.
  • Play audio and video files.

The future of these phones appears to be secure. They are there to stay unless the technology develops further and offers even better capabilities and facilities than those offered by modern smartphones.

The Apple Watch 2 Review

Apple watch 2 review

When Apple brought out its first generation Apple Watch it wasn’t exactly a raging success. This is why most people have been hoping for better things with the Apple Watch 2. Judging by the latest reviews and results, it looks like Apple could have achieved what it was looking for.

It has often been the case with Apple that its first generation devices haven’t always hit the mark. It could be that history has repeated itself again!
The CEO, Tim Cook, said that

Apple now holds second place in the world, behind Rolex, for watch sales. He added that Apple Watch has changed people’s expectations about watches.

Apple watch 2 review

There are some new features with the Apple Watch 2, as expected, but one of the biggest surprises that is bound to catch people’s interest is that the watch is actually Pokemon Go ‘ready’! It will also incorporate Pokemon training into the, already present, activity tracking feature set.

Other new features, that were not entirely unexpected, include the new dock, enhanced messaging functionality, instant app launch; faster watch face switching and the Breathe mindfulness app.

Another feature that has been upgraded is the water resistance. The first Apple watch was only splash proof but now, the Apple Watch 2 is water resistant to a depth of fifty meters.

Also, apparently, after being submerged in water, the speakers on the Apple Watch 2 have been designed so that they can expel water once back in the dry. It sounds interesting but only time will tell how well this is going to work.

The Apple Watch 2 is powered by the new SiP chip which features a dual-core processor. Apple says that this is up to fifty percent faster than the original and also comes with a fresh GPU.

In a demonstration of the Apple Watch 2’s power, the astronomy app Dark Sky was chosen and was seen to be working at 60fps which is certainly not bad at all.

It was fully expected that Apple would add GPS this time around and this has, indeed, happened. Again, it remains to be seen how this will work in the real world but it is a certainty that View Ranger will be one of the first apps used by many wearers!

The Apple Watch 2 also has a new display. The company state that it is a (1000 nits) and is over twice as bright as the original Apple Watch.

As previously, there is the stainless steel and aluminium finish on the Apple Watch 2, but now it is also available in white ceramic. Apple claims that it has been working on this design for a while and that the new material is four times as hard as the stainless steel.

In addition to this, there will be some luxury Hermes models and a special edition Nike+ model hitting the market. The Hermes models will have a double buckle strap and the Nike+ will have a perforated or, so-called, breathable strap which will be useful for sportsmen and women.

The Apple Watch 2 was launched on September 9th and the original watch was also re-released with the S2 chipset.
The Apple Watch 2 is priced at $269.

LG G6 Release Date, News, Rumors and Price

LG G6 release date

What this new phone will offer

There are rumors about the company experiencing with OLED displays and wireless charging technology.
The LG G5 can be everything but boring. It has impressive specs and two rear cameras to improve and modify with accessories, making it a great option for phone lovers. However, there’s still a lot of potential lacking in the G5 for the G6 to improve.
With this new phone soon releasing a lot of murmurs about what this phone can be are floating around there – but here’s everything you need to know about it.

-At a glance:

-What is it? – The new LG flagship Phone

-Is it out yet? – Will be released in April 2017

-How much will it cost? – Around 500£ and 600$ without a SIM or plan

LG G6 Announced Release Date and Price

As the last LG phones like the G5 and G4 were both announced before April and launched in April, it is possible that the new LG G6 will also be launched in April, this time 2017. But this is just a guess; there’s no announced date yet.
There’s no announced price either, however, making a bet you can say that it will cost around 500£ and 600$ respectively as the G5 had the same price.

LG G6 Design

This new phone will come with a greater and more premium design. Making it look like a top-quality quality with more appeal than its predecessors. However, there is a big rumor about the new phone having a tempered glass in the back of the phone as a new improvement.

LG G6 Display

There are some talks about the new phone coming with an OLED panel display. As LG is already producing this display for its TVs, it is possible that this new phone will have them too, just like the Apple Watch Series 2 has.
It would be a vast improvement as LG competitors like Samsung have already included these displays on their phones for quite some time now. So it is a must for LG to add these displays even when it looks like there will be no time for it.

LG Other LG G6 Features

There are rumors about a new wireless charging feature. This new charging module will be able to pump your battery up to 50% in just 30 minutes with wireless charging. The same charging rate used in other flagship Samsung phones.
However, it is possible that this feature will not be available for the G6; instead, we could have a peek at it.
On the other hand, LG already made an announcement of this technology months ago, so it could still happen with the new phone.

LG G6 Rumors
Expected Design of LG G6

Better Features:

1) Premium Design

The G5 was launched with all metal improvements, making it a far better look than the G4 had. Making it feel like a great phone in your hand.
Nonetheless, this doesn’t mean that the phone was excellent. Its design had some issues and didn’t look as good as other phones in the market like the iPhone 6 which used the same metal style but looked far better. So, it is not just about having a high-end design with the best qualities but making it look incredible and improved from its predecessor.

2) The old App Drawer is back

When the last LG phone the G5 was “fixed” and its app drawer feature was not present, a lot of users questioned the idea and asked for a reverse. Now, LG has heard the petitions of thousands of people and restored the App on the phone. Nevertheless, to use it you’ll have to install it by yourself, with a UI downgrade that you can do manually.
That’s a real issue because nobody wants to go back; everyone wants an improvement on the phone.
What’s more, there are rumors about Google wanting to add this App Drawer to their new Android features, but that is not still an announcement, and people want this excellent feature to come back.

3) Longer Battery Life

With the last LG release of the G5 the battery had a good improvement with that removable battery; however, it wasn’t that great because it didn’t have as much power as we’d like it to have.
With only 2800mAh this battery is not so tiny, but it doesn’t fit with other phones of the same line like the Galaxy S7 or the HTC 10 and even the former G4 who all had 3000mAh. The worst thing about this is that 3000mAh isn’t too remarkable either when the Galaxy S7 Edge has around 3600mAh of battery power.
That’s why it’s nice to think that the G5 battery could have been a lot better if it was bigger and durable.

4) Innovation as its Maximum

One of the greatest things about the former G5 is that it had a lot of new features and innovation other phone didn’t have. Like the dual rear camera with accessories to improve it, making it a must for everyone who likes this stuff.
LG is one of the most innovative phones manufacturers, and that’s why we can expect a lot of it. Being the first to add buttons on the back of the phones and QHD displays and even bend screens we can expect a lot more from them with this new G6 release that comes next year.
Even so, we know that LG won’t stop there, that’s the reason for so many rumors around this G6 which looks like it is going to be awesome.

5) Fingerprint Scanner on Front

The G5 had a fingerprint scanner on the back of the phone. It didn’t look like a bad idea at a glance, and it is a little more comfortable.
However, LG has thought about the easiness of having this feature in front, just to make it easier for users to unlock the phone with one hand. No other company has problems with this function on its phones, so we expect that this new G6 won’t either.

6) Sound Outputs

The recent G5 phone had just a single facing-front speaker on the bottom, but it is possible that the G6 will have double stereo speakers in front.
Nonetheless, at using headphones the G5 is far better and does a good job. But we expect that G6 will be better for both features when talking about sound quality and outputs.

7) Far Better Module Configuration

Having the opportunity to increase the power and capacity of the G5 hardware may be one of the best features this phone has. It isn’t something that was lacking before, and that’s why it makes it so valuable.
We’re hoping to have far better improvements and a wider range of customization with the modules.

8) Front camera with Wide-angle capacity

To have wide angle capabilities in the back of the phone is something normal and of course, very useful because this one has better MP and a broader range of effects.
However, there is a rumor about having this wide-angle feature in the front camera with the G6, just as everyone is expecting to get.

9) A Brighter Display that never goes off

Just lie the Galaxy S7, the G5 had this new feature of an always-on screen to make it feel not only visually better but useful, having the opportunity to see whatever is happening on your phone without touching anything.
The things about this are that it can make it worst to see what’s on display at that moment due to the slightly brighter improvement and make it even harder for the battery to last. However, this is something we want to be fixed on the new phone, having this more dazzling display comes handy something, but can feel useless too.

So, what can we expect?

As it stands, the last LG G5 was a vast improvement in some features from the G4, making it a more exciting and far better-looking phone. With impressive features that have not seen before and a lot of risky changes, the G5 made its appearance and widely accepted by the smartphone users.
However, we expect the new G6 to be even better than the G5. We expect it to have the same innovative and adventurous spirit and at the same time, an improved finished product from its predecessor.
That will make LG Stand again among the greatest manufacturers in the world.