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Islamabad, Pakistan – In a significant milestone reflecting TechAbout’s unwavering dedication to excellence, CEO Jazib Zaman was awarded the prestigious Presidential IT Award 2023 at a ceremony held at Aiwan-e-Sadr. This distinguished recognition marks the fourth consecutive year that Jazib Zaman has received this esteemed accolade from President Arif Alvi, highlighting his exceptional contributions to the field.

TechAbout expanded its operations to Pakistan in 2017 and further extended its reach to the United States in 2019. The company is now making significant strides in the United Arab Emirates, solidifying its position as a global IT powerhouse. Operating across various IT verticals, including Techi, TechEngage, TripOrganizer, WP Arena, WP Designer,, Metal Site, and BlogReach, TechAbout showcases a diverse portfolio of innovative projects.

Under Jazib Zaman’s visionary leadership, TechAbout has developed products that cater to both national and international clients, providing them with cutting-edge and cost-effective solutions. Their team of skilled programmers, engineers, architects, designers, and developers consistently delivers top-notch services, driving the success of both established businesses and innovative startups.

The Presidential IT Award is a testament to Jazib Zaman’s relentless pursuit of innovation and exceptional leadership. With his unwavering dedication, he has propelled TechAbout to new heights, positioning it as a leading player in the IT sector. President Arif Alvi commended TechAbout’s invaluable contributions to the industry, recognizing their efforts in raising awareness and promoting the undeniable significance of technology. This prestigious award not only honors Jazib Zaman’s outstanding leadership but also highlights the company’s commitment to excellence.

TechAbout’s achievements extend beyond the Presidential IT Award. They have previously been honored with three Presidential trophies over the last three years, including the Presidential Export Trophy in 2020, Best Software Company in 2021, and the Presidential Trophy in 2022. This remarkable series of accolades underscores their consistent pursuit of perfection and reinforces their prominent role in Pakistan’s IT sector.

As a proud member of the Forbes Technology Council, CEO Jazib Zaman holds significant positions in various IT circles and organizations worldwide. TechAbout’s remarkable growth has also led to the training of over 300 fresh graduates, contributing to the expansion of the IT industry and creating numerous employment opportunities for the country’s youth.

The Presidential IT Award 2023 not only signifies Jazib Zaman’s remarkable achievements but also serves as a testament to TechAbout’s dedication to pushing boundaries and driving technological progress. With their sights set on even greater accomplishments, TechAbout remains steadfast in its commitment to delivering excellence and shaping the future of the IT landscape.

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