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Together We Build Dreams

TechAbout Pvt. Limited is a hub of passionate professionals who are dynamic in their mission and operate on call to action.

Technology is subservient to human potential. The human mind is a great creation, twisted and perverse yet paving ways to concrete advancements. By integrating human potential in technological tools, we can make this planet a better place to live at.

Jazib ZamanCEO, TechAbout

We Are TechAbout

We strive to understand the challenges that the industry is facing today and use our strong business acumen to find exclusive and unprecedented solutions for them. Our mission is to bring good quality embedded in the innovative techniques that are designed by our tech-experts. Our presence of more than a decade in the industry and our services to a portfolio of great clients set us apart. We believe in customization that caters to your business needs. With the primary goal of serving the planet, we optimize the use of technology integrated with human potential.

Our experts and consultants handpick those solutions that ensure long-term competitive edge around a shrewd policy agenda. Our core competency is the design and development of web-based solutions and applications. We have a proven track record to meet inhuman deadlines and our motto is to deliver quality work at a lightning pace without exceeding the budget. TechAbout has a clientele of complex projects ranging from WordPress solutions to social media management.


We aim to reach big goals and set milestones for predecessors.

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We don't interrupt with the existing dimensions. We believe in creating new ones.

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Growing efficiently with time is a fine Art. We believe in upgrading and dynamics.

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Jazib Zaman
Jazib Zaman, CEO

The Man Behind The Success of TechAbout

J. Zaman is a passionate figure in the tech industry. Being the CEO of TechAbout, he foresees future in human welfare integrated with technological advancements. As a company, TechAbout seeks inspiration in the seven core values (Quality, Trust, Responsibility, Sharing, Integrity, Passion and, Simplicity) as set by David Logan in his remarkable book “Tribal Leadership”.

Our Skill Set
  • Graphic Design
  • Web Development
  • Video Editing
  • Audio Engineering
  • Social Marketing
  • NEC Strategy
  • SEO Audits
  • Branding

Meet the robust team that nurtures TechAbout

Our passionate professionals execute a fast-paced workflow undertaking unique challenges

Nouman S Ghumman

Nouman S. Ghumman

Managing Director

Nouman S. Ghumman is the CEO of SG Legal, a leading reputable corporate law firm in the Pakistan. In his diverse practice, he had represented local and national businesses in matters involving commercial litigation and transactions; patent and trademark infringement; false advertising and deceptive business practices claims; constitutional and statutory interpretations.

He is also the director of TechAbout Private Limited (Pakistan) and TechAbout LLC ( USA).

Previously, he was Vice President and Associate General Counsel at TECHENGAGE, where he litigates a wide range of transactional matters in the technology, as well as select intellectual property, international, and cross-company strategic initiatives. Mr. Ghumman was also TECHENGAGE first newsroom lawyer, where he directed bet-the-company litigation and other high-risk decision-making.

Before TECHENGAGE, Mr. Ghumman was an associate at Akram Qureshi & Co., a leading law firm. He assisted in a wide variety of trial and appellate matters including cases involving Murder, Terrorism, Fraud, Kidnapping, Drugs Supply/Money Laundering, Rape, etc.

Nouman S. Ghumman is deeply committed to pro bono work, including regularly volunteering at legal clinics for poor people. Ghumman serves on his firm’s pro bono committee.

Though main forte of Mr. Ghumman has remained his family business of Real Estate yet he has honed his skills equally in arts and science. Alongside having (national and international) degrees in law consisting of Master of law (International Commercial law) from City University of London; Master of law (LLM) from University of Lahore; and Bachelor of law (LL.B) from Quaid-e-Azam Law College; he also has done Master of Arts (International Relations) from University of Sargodha and B.Sc in Computer Science from University of Central Punjab.

Zeshan Sarwar

Muhammad Zeshan Sarwar

Director & Creative Editor


I'm Director and a creative editor. Being a graduate, I was gifted with numerous opportunities to read the writings of renowned authors. Rhetoric, style, and tone has made me shocked at many places where I was dumbstruck to see that your words actually count and makes so much difference!

I love putting an unborn idea in the plethora of words to reflect the arena of thoughts that one has in mind.

Being a core part of TechAbout, I am proud to say that the learning opportunities I've gotten through this prestigious association are beyond the words. TechAbout is my family and together we aim to be better and go one step ahead with the passage of every instance.
I love reading and exploring new ideas. It won't be hyperbolic to say that I like being an all-rounder and multi-tasker without cutting the corners. One's passion and talent has a huge role to play in their success but getting the chance to work with a high-spirited team and like-minded people is what actually flourishes you individually and as a community.
So in a nutshell, seek what you like and God will gift you that with a handful of people to keep you boosted and to enhance your motivation!

CFO Omer

Muhammad Omer Ali

Chief Financial Officer

Muhammad Omer Ali, a passionate financial advisor seeking out extraordinary from ordinary to enhance productivity.

He has done his master's degree in Commerce with experience of more then a decade in the KSA market as financial manager in the retail wholesale industry.

Being a CFO of TechAbout he foresees the future of TechAbout as a billion-dollar company, by implementing the most accurate financial policies & internal controls to safeguard the interest of all stakeholders.

Zahra Kashif

Zahra Kashif

HR Lead/ Project Engineer

Zahra is the team HR Lead and a bonafide Project Engineer at TechAbout.
She has completed her Bachelors in Electrical Engineering with specialisation in Electronics and Computer Systems and is currently intersecting her career path to pursue her interest in business and public policy.

She aspires to embark on a journey to implement sharp critical thinking skills amongst the team members and work on the betterment of the policy arena for TechAbout.

Faisal Nazir

Faisal Nazir

WordPress Developer

Hi, I am Faisal Nazir, Graduated with a degree in computer sciences. Coding provides me with a delightful experience as I am always interested in a new skill.

Development is a creative platform. You create things from scratch, apply different methods, sometimes you get stuck just because of a closing bracket but I think hurdles are the part of life. You can't learn until you cross the hurdle.

Working as a WordPress Developer at TechAbout Pvt. Ltd has made me learn the new aspects of company branding by creating and implementing innovative ideas. Honestly speaking The environment is good, people are friendly.

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