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TechAbout Pvt. Limited is a hub of passionate professionals who are dynamic in their mission and operate on call to action.

Technology is subservient to human potential. The human mind is a great creation, twisted and perverse yet paving ways to concrete advancements. By integrating human potential in technological tools, we can make this planet a better place to live at.

Jazib ZamanCEO, TechAbout

We Are TechAbout

We strive to understand the challenges that the industry is facing today and use our strong business acumen to find exclusive and unprecedented solutions for them. Our mission is to bring good quality embedded in the innovative techniques that are designed by our tech-experts. Our presence of more than a decade in the industry and our services to a portfolio of great clients set us apart. We believe in customization that caters to your business needs. With the primary goal of serving the planet, we optimize the use of technology integrated with human potential.

Our experts and consultants handpick those solutions that ensure long-term competitive edge around a shrewd policy agenda. Our core competency is the design and development of web-based solutions and applications. We have a proven track record to meet inhuman deadlines and our motto is to deliver quality work at a lightning pace without exceeding the budget. TechAbout has a clientele of complex projects ranging from WordPress solutions to social media management.


We aim to reach big goals and set milestones for predecessors.

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We don't interrupt with the existing dimensions. We believe in creating new ones.

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Growing efficiently with time is a fine Art. We believe in upgrading and dynamics.

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Jazib Zaman
Jazib Zaman, CEO

The Man Behind The Success of TechAbout

J. Zaman is a passionate figure in the tech industry. Being the CEO of TechAbout, he foresees future in human welfare integrated with technological advancements. As a company, TechAbout seeks inspiration in the seven core values (Quality, Trust, Responsibility, Sharing, Integrity, Passion and, Simplicity) as set by David Logan in his remarkable book “Tribal Leadership”.

Our Skill Set
  • Graphic Design
  • Web Development
  • Video Editing
  • Audio Engineering
  • Social Marketing
  • NEC Strategy
  • SEO Audits
  • Branding

Meet the robust team that nurtures TechAbout

Our passionate professionals execute a fast-paced workflow undertaking unique challenges

Zeshan Sarwar

Muhammad Zeshan Sarwar

Director & Creative Editor


I'm Director and a creative editor. Being a graduate, I was gifted with numerous opportunities to read the writings of renowned authors. Rhetoric, style, and tone has made me shocked at many places where I was dumbstruck to see that your words actually count and makes so much difference!

I love putting an unborn idea in the plethora of words to reflect the arena of thoughts that one has in mind.

Being a core part of TechAbout, I am proud to say that the learning opportunities I've gotten through this prestigious association are beyond the words. TechAbout is my family and together we aim to be better and go one step ahead with the passage of every instance.
I love reading and exploring new ideas. It won't be hyperbolic to say that I like being an all-rounder and multi-tasker without cutting the corners. One's passion and talent has a huge role to play in their success but getting the chance to work with a high-spirited team and like-minded people is what actually flourishes you individually and as a community.
So in a nutshell, seek what you like and God will gift you that with a handful of people to keep you boosted and to enhance your motivation!

Mahwsih Ilyas

Business Development Manager

Mahwish Ilyas has a bachelor’s degree in Economics from Kinnaird College and an LLB degree from the University of London.

She has been working in the field of Business Development for the past three years and has a knack for Marketing and Communications too.

She is an avid reader and a full-on history nerd. Moreover, she loves in-depth discussions on anything and everything connected with global socio-economic issues. She enjoys her coffee amidst nature or endless stacks of literature.

Bisma Ilyas

Bisma Ilyas

Graphics Designer & Artist

Bismah Ilyas is a Computer Science graduate from Kinnaird College for Women. She is a passionate designer and animator and loves learning new tools and technology. She loves designing creative logos, websites, social media campaigns, brochures, flyers, banners, and presentations. Other than designing, her interests include traveling, listening to music and photography.

Bismah uses empathic design techniques throughout the design process to reveal the aspirations and value of users. With her exceptional creativity and out of the box ideas, you will get to see your ideas come to life. Since user satisfaction is her priority, she will always go the extra mile to make them happy.


Moaz Irfan

WordPress Developer

I design, develop, and write for the web and mobile. I love to create optimized but advanced workflows to produce a professional outcome.

Working as a Senior WordPress Developer, TechAbout Pvt Limited. My duties include Development, designing of WordPress themes and plugins from scratch and customization of it.

Build free and premium themes with complete strategy, wireframing, design, and marketing for selling on,,,

Projects on “”, thousands of developers use these open source packages that I created and maintain.

Yushaa Malik Tech About

Yushaa Malik

Laravel Developer

An ordinary person with extraordinary goals and the desire to achieve them. Yes, that’s me. Yushaa Malik. I went to DHA senior school for boys, Excellence campus for my primary and secondary schooling. Moved to Defence Degree College for boys for my intermediate and Lahore Garrison University for Software Engineering. It’s been a great ride until now. Lots of experiences, adventures and new things to learn. Coming towards extracurriculars, I’ve always been into football. Whether it’s street football or HEC level tournaments, I’ve never missed the chance to play. Secured 3rd position twice at HEC level during my intermediate and that’s what I’m really proud of.

Talking about the current time, I’m working as a Laravel Developer at TECHABOUT. Being honest, I’m more than satisfied here. Best experience I’ve ever had, until now. The best environment to work in. A friendly and understanding environment with amazing people. The best boss one can ever have. A friend more than a boss. I personally thank Sir Jazib Zaman for giving me the opportunity to work in his company and be a part of his team and let us all praise his outstanding achievements which led him to where he is today. Hard work, determination, honesty and teamwork.

Asifa Akbar Ali

Asfa Akbar

WordPress Developer

Hi, I’m Asfa Akbar, a passionate WordPress Developer.

I did my Bachelors in Computer Sciences and is deeply passionate about programming since my childhood.

WordPress Development is like a creative discipline, just like writing or painting. I become interested because I enjoy the web. I spend a lot of time online and I’m excited about it and what it can do and I like being able to contribute to that. I love the technical aspects as there is always something new to learn and the ability to share new projects.

My biggest asset is my creativity, innovation, imagination, and feelings with the technology and passion. For me, it’s the opportunity to create something that can potentially overnight, be seen or used by millions of people.

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