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TechAbout is working to reshaping the lives and businesses with its Tech and IT services. TechAbout employees are like a family, and they cooperate eachother to achieving company goals and targets company goals.

Together We Build Dreams

You can achieve anything if you are surrounded by a group of people who love what they do. All the ideas start with people. At TechAbout our employees are treated more like a family and we recruit people who have an unmatchable passion and drive for innovative ideas. Our employees are diverse which helps us create more opportunity for success. We aim at recruiting employees regardless of all the ethnic or religious background because our end goal is to contribute towards the world of evolving technology while looking after the welfare of people. The employees here not only work smartly but also believe that the ownership of the company is equally important for success. TechAbout strives to promote a great culture because we believe that company’s great culture produces innovative people with strong morals, values and diversity. Therefore, we aim at building a team that can help us achieve the end goal while maximizing the collective impact.

Our Story

TechAbout was founded in 2017 with the idea of digitizing human potential. Our CEO, Jazib Zaman, motivated by sharing the benefits of technology jumped into the world of technology business that encouraged him to work for the community as well as made him create a platform that would help a lot of people. He is also a philanthropist, CEO of TechEngage which is first Pakistan’s first tech blog with a global presence.
The idea essentially is to leverage the power of technology and optimize the use of it by integrating it with human potential.

Our Culture

Our culture is our company’s personality. At TechAbout we practice a team based culture where employees are encouraged to participate on all levels. We give utmost importance to our core values and promote a culture of integrity throughout the organization. Moreover, we work and promote the highest standards of business and to achieve this standard our team work tirelessly while making continuous improvements to ensure that we are on track. We create an environment where our employees work with respect and integrity and live within their culture and values.

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