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Discover Life at TechAbout.

“TechAbout is at the forefront of revolutionizing both lives and businesses through our state-of-the-art Tech and IT services. Our team, a close-knit family of professionals, collaborates seamlessly, fostering a culture of mutual support and shared ambition. Together, we are committed to achieving and surpassing our company’s goals, driving innovation, and setting new benchmarks in the industry.”

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A team that’ll lead
you to your ultimate destination

In the IT industry, the ability of your team is what decides the factor whether or not you’ll be able to meet the client’s expectations, fulfill their requirements & gain their trust. TechAbout Private Limited knows the importance of skilled professionals, nurturing their skills and making their life at office enjoyable. The value of organization increase by valuing their employees.

Our Story

TechAbout was founded in 2017 with the idea of digitizing human potential. Our CEO, Jazib Zaman, motivated by sharing the benefits of technology jumped into the world of technology business that encouraged him to work for the advancement as well as made him create a platform that would help a lot of people. He is also a writer, CEO of TechEngage, a miniature of TechAbout, which is Pakistan’s first premier tech blog covering technology topics focusing on many regional markets.
The idea essentially is to leverage the power of technology and optimize the use of it by integrating it with human potential.

Our Culture

Our culture is our company’s personality. At TechAbout we practice a team based culture where employees are encouraged to participate on all levels. We give utmost importance to our core values and promote a culture of integrity throughout the organization. Moreover, we work and promote the highest standards of business and to achieve this standard our team work tirelessly while making continuous improvements to ensure that we are on track. We create an environment where our employees work with respect and integrity and live within their culture and values.

Awards and Achievements

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Annual Dinner

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Local Trips

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Foreign Trips

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