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User Agreement


If you are signing up for TechAbout and its services, this means that you legally agree with TechAbout user agreement. If you do not agree with the contract and terms of TechAbout, please do not sign up and access any of the services provided by us. You can unsubscribe the notifications and emails if you do not wish to continue with the services.

1.1 Customers and Visitors

The user agreement of TechAbout applies to both visitor and customers. Those who avail our services and have signed up on our website are our customers, whereas those who are not registered on our website are just visitors.

1.2 Change in Contract

TechAbout can anytime change or modify its current contract, terms of use, privacy policies, and cookie policy. We will notify our customers about the change in our policies via email so that you can review the changes before they become applicable. If you have any objection to any of our policy, you may choose to close your account on the website. If you wish to use our services even after changes in our policies, this means you agree with the changes.

1.3 Payment

We offer secure payment gateways to our customers and privately store their payment information. If you want to buy any of our services, this means you are agreeing upon paying the applicable taxes. If you fail to pay the associated charges with the services, your purchase would automatically get canceled. While buying our service, you agree with the following points:

  • Based on your location, your purchase amount might differ and might fluctuate because of the exchange rates.
  • TechAbout may store your billing information that you will add under the payment method section.
  • All the services you purchase are subject to TechAbout’s refund policy.


2.1 Account

While signing up on TechAbout’s website, make sure you make a secure account. All the customers of our services are account holders.
While signing up, you agree to:

  • Choose a strong password that will help you secure your account.
  • Keep your password and account information private and confidential.
  • Follow the rules and regulations of account settings

Unless you delete your account or report misuse, we are not liable for any of the activity that happens through your account. Your account belongs to you and only you have the right over your personal account.

2.2 Sharing

When you share any information regarding our services, people can see what you have shared and can copy information. Other than this, your account is highly private and you should not share your personal account details with anyone. The breach of privacy from your account will lead to the termination of your account. Moreover, you can also set that who can view your account information by selecting from privacy settings. We completely respect your privacy and do not share your details with anyone except you.

Alerts and Messages

TechAbout will provide you with all the alerts regarding the updates and additions to the website or its services. If you have not updated your contact information then you will miss out on all the important information.

By filling out your contact information you are agreeing upon that we can send you all the latest updates and notices regarding the change in our services or any addition of services. Moreover, TechAbout will always update you about our newsletter service and this service will only be provided if you subscribe to our newsletter. Also, if you plan to discontinue our newsletter service, you can always unsubscribe.


TechAbout has the right to terminate the contract at any time and upon termination, the user will lose all the access to the services provided by TechAbout. Upon termination, we have the right to close all your accounts. You can go to our help center or contact us in order to close your account or discontinue using all the services.

Complaints regarding services

If the users have any complaints regarding the content or services provided by TechAbout, you can always contact us and register your complaint. Our support team will reach out to you in order to resolve your problem.

How to Contact us?

You can always contact us in order to resolve your issues and complaints. Our support team is at your service 24/7.