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Employee of the month

Together We Build Dreams

Professional services require a professional team. Happy envoirnment leads to productive outcome. TechAbout never leaves its employees behind. We help them learn and grow. Employees that work hard are awarded with Best Employee of the month award.

Muhammad Abdullah

For the month of July

I am working at TechAbout for almost a year now. I started as a tech writer, but after the first month, I got promoted to team lead and editor of TechEngage. Now, I work as a Project Manager at TechAbout. TechAbout has provided me with an environment that has boosted my confidence and helped me in excelling at what I do.

The best part about working at TechAbout is that it understands the value that employees bring to the business, and the company’s focus on employees is never overlooked. TechAbout also nurtures its employees and their dreams. If you have a knack for doing something that you’re passionate about, then TechAbout is the place where you’ll get opportunities.

As a project manager, I have worked on TechEngage, WpArena, WpDesigner, and founded subsidiaries of TechEngage like MoviesEngage. In the future, we’re planning to take these off along with TechEngage, our most ambitious project.

I am looking forward to working at TechAbout with more determination and help the company with achieving its goals and objectives.

abdullah portrait - Employee of the Month
Bisma Ilyas

Bisma Ilyas

For the month of October

It has been a year since I am working here. I find it interesting to work as a designer. I have worked on various projects and have proved myself efficient at meeting deadlines. At TechAbout we work as a team and everyone is very supportive and helpful. Our CEO, Mr. Jazib Zaman, has also been very cooperative throughout my 1-year journey at TechAbout and has provided me with a platform where I can further enhance my skills and abilities. As a person, one of the important aspects of my personality is that I take criticism very positively and since I always give myself room for improvement, it helps me work in a smooth manner. We celebrate different events here which is quite refreshing amidst all the work responsibilities. At TechAbout, the environment is friendly and we live more like a family which makes the working hours to pass by easily. I hope to continue working with full passion and excel more at my abilities and skills.

Saad Bin Khalid

For the month of October

Let’s pause for a moment to appreciate our employee of the month. Saad Khalid!
Saad didn’t miss any single opportunity to amaze us with his excellent graphic designing skills. Consistency and perfection are the hallmarks that making him our employee of the month. Very well done Saad!

saad bin khalid - Employee of the Month

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