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Video Stabilization

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More flexibility while filming. From now on, you can focus on what you are filming instead of the camera itself. There’s no need to have a steady hand while filming. Our team of professionals at TechAbout can quickly and easily stabilize your shaky footage for you, whether you have used DSLR, a smartphone, or an action cam.
It’s especially useful to be able to stabilize videos if you film by hand. And if you are filming from a moving car, airplane or boat, the resulting footage will almost always be shaky. The same is true for footage shot using action cams or in particular conditions, e.g., underwater. It’s also nearly impossible to zoom in a lot or film from creative perspectives without distortions occurring. Warp stabilization can remedy these issues.

video - Video Stabilization

Types of Stabilization

Video Stabilization

Real video stabilization is not just a question of dampening motion with low-pass filters. The best solution should encourage the users to roam around and feel liberated, safe in the knowledge that stabilization completely removes unintentional movement while keeping only the intentional parts and everything in real-time.

sabilization - Video Stabilization
noice reduction - Video Stabilization

Temporal Noise Reduction

Temporary noise is an artifact that all digital image sensors produce. This is because the physical properties of the sensor’s internal circuits and the production line can not be prevented. The noise appears in the video as random shifts in color and intensity, and the noise for darker scenes rises.

Dynamic Motion Blur Reduction

Quick movements creating blurry videos is a common problem. Our professionals minimize a stabilized video’s motion blur effect in a dynamic way by tuning different parameters based on the knowledge gained from stabilization performance and thus taking into account the movement and lighting in the scenario.

motion blur - Video Stabilization
horizon - Video Stabilization

Horizon Correction

One of the most obvious errors a beginner makes in a video is a Skewed Horizon. Even professionals have problems getting all the parts in a level sequence, particularly if the camera should move. Afterward, the result can be easily corrected for a still image. But it is much more difficult for a video, where the angle can change over time.

Why Choose Us?

Tell a story that enchants the viewer. The smooth, sharp, and stable – right from the start. That’s how it is to capture video with your smartphone or video recorder. Our team works professionally for noise and blur reduction, video stabilization, and lens distortion corrections are among the technical improvements that will enhance video quality. Get ready to be whammy by the new level of quality videos by our experienced professionals that you will be captured on a daily basis!

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