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The writers at TechAbout are expert medical content writers. They comprise primarily scholar scientists, researchers, and medical practitioners with excellent communication skills acquired through training and years of practical experience.

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Presenting medical and healthcare services in laymen’s language is essential for easy information reach and understanding. Today, medical writing has become an intrinsic part of the content creation strategies to foster the latest medical researches for popularization amongst readers. As a Content Creation Agency, we at TechAbout realized this crucial need. We have started to offer Medical Writing Services ever since our agency was formed.
TechAbout has onboard writers whose background in the medical and healthcare industry boasts us. We assure clients to deliver content with complete perfection and accuracy in information. Our on-time delivery of projects with an added advantage of cost-effective content has turned us into market leaders. As a team, our agency always keeps going the highest ethical, scientific, and medical standards while preparing content for this important medical and healthcare niche.

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Why Work With Us?

We are professionals in writing medical and health care content. They are well trained, and thus, they focus on the highest standards of readability & simplicity in scientific and medical information shared with the audiences.

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  • Medical website content, blogs, and press releases
  • Clinical study reports
  • Clinical development plans and protocols
  • Clinical sections of new drug applications
  • Clinical sections of common technical documents
  • Investigator brochures and annual updates
  • Abstracts, manuscripts and journal articles
  • Periodic safety update reports and various other
  • Informed consent forms

Benefits of Hiring TechABout?

You are ascertained rewarding benefits by hiring TechAbout medical and healthcare content writers for your needs. Apart from being experienced qualified professionals, our medical writers are trained to write SEO optimized content. Our contents guarantee easy ranking in search engines such as Google, Bing, and Yahoo, etc.

Where Do You Require Medical Writers?

  • Pharmaceutical companies
  • Medical journals
  • Health and medical websites
  • Healthcare communication companies
  • Medical marketing and sales literature
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Our team overviews everything carefully until the final draft is deemed suitable post certain modifications. They must meet the guidelines of a particular clients’ project. It goes without saying that medical writing is a fast-growing industry nowadays. It involves several things, including writing on topics useful for the medical fraternity and to drug development teams. We thus maintain unfathomable sincerity from all parties concerned. Our team keeps such factors into consideration while creating content.

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