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Product Marketing

Building best product strategy

A marketing strategy that touches the heart of your customers, a breakthrough to increase the sale of your product.

Product Marketing is part of Product Management’s overall role. It is responsible for the brand portfolio’s market success. In the marketing term, the product is good or services that satisfy customer needs. To develop the right strategy in marketing place, the product marketing manager has an important role, such as:

  • Defining the scope of product line
  • Determine the optimal price for the market
  • Find the best distribution methods for delivering the product to customers
  • Identify potential market for a product
  • Encouraging potential customers to purchase the products
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Frequenty Asked Questions

Why it is needed?

In product marketing, the need for consumers is the first goal of any organization in order to increase sales of services and products. TechAbout is one of the customer satisfaction focuses. Its executive and leaders give special importance in the strategic role of product marketing and spending time listening to the marketer, knowing the customer’s needs, and as a result delivering products and services that are in high demand.

Why Us?

The cutthroat competition and technological innovations in the online marketing vertical have pushed the business challenges to the next levels. The success of your product entirely depends upon the fact that how they handle the process. If you too, are planning to launch your product online, let TechAbout handle it. You sit and enjoy seeing your product into the customer’s hands effortlessly.

Techniques Used by Us

Our social geeks do post intuitive information about your products, deals, and offers and keep the information up-to-date to ensure maximum engagement. We make the best use of different mediums such as videos, podcasts, photos, and/or live chats to discuss your products with users.

Extensive Product Marketing

Our online marketing strategy ensures that your listings are sure to reach your target client base. The following are the channels of digital marketing that we use to market your product effectively.

Display Advertising

Our digital marketing experts put a large chunk of banner ads, video ads, native ads, and interactive ads. On the sites that deal in the same product continuum, our online contextual ads to post.

Paid Search Advertising

In order to increase brand awareness, we leverage the massive traffic-generating potential of paid search marketing strategies (PPC and others). We bring your product online before a specific audience with digital paid search ads.

Search Engine Optimization

Using techniques for search engine optimization services, we win’ organic’ rankings for your products in Google, Yahoo, and Bing search engines.

E-mail Marketing

Our marketing team create product-specific newsletters and mailers and send it out to a larger group of people who could have your potential buyers.

Social Media Marketing

Our Social Media Marketing team then takes the big leap for the promotion of your product. We establish your online product presence on well-known social platforms. Not only we create social profiles on these channels but also manage them well.

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Our dedicated team is always ready to provide you solutions to fulfill your requirements.

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