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TechAbout has been making milestones as a versatile software company in the quest to generate innovation in this era of technology and aims to digitize human potential for boosting adequate business solutions for various enterprises globally. Its goal is to pave ground-breaking solutions that turn your visions into certainties. TechAbout`s sole purport is to embed brilliantly engineered solutions designed by experts and it has been working effortlessly round the clock to ensure their services are open to a wide client population. TechAbout renders customization and optimization services that cater to your business needs and integrate the power of human potential and technology altogether. Our experts and consultants handpick solutions that compete to the top-notch level in the industry.

On 16th June 2021, CEO TechAbout, Mr. Jazib Zaman, was invited at an honorable ceremony at the President House Islamabad, where he was humbled to receive a Presidential Award entitled to The Best Software Company of Pakistan. President of Pakistan, Arif Alvi congratulated CEO TechAbout Jazib Zaman on this win. This accomplishment enlightened TechAbout`s road to progress immensely and is a token of respect and honor for the entire TechAbout Team. CEO TechAbout, Jazib Zaman has expressed his views on this honorable occasion by showing gratitude to the President of Pakistan and honoring the business community of Pakistan with a sincere token of thanks.

He is determined that TechAbout will continue to strive hard to work towards digitalizing human potential and promoting the national growth of young Pakistani entrepreneurs to add value to this country’s tech society. He also congratulates his team effort for working tirelessly to make this win possible.

TechAbout has emerged and grown immensely since its inception three years back and has also made its mark in the industry by receiving two presidential awards in two consecutive years. In 2020, TechAbout`s CEO received the Presidential Export Trophy followed by 2021`s Presidential Award of Best Software Company. Pakistan`s emerging IT Industry is constantly going up the slope on the global radar due to the amalgamated efforts of companies like TechAbout.

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