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TechEngage is a community-based startup that was initially founded in 2003 with the aim of providing the under-employed with an affordable opportunity that will help them to survive in the highly competitive market. TechEngage is one of the leading technology news magazine in Pakistan as well as globally. The mission of TechEngage is to provide unbiased tech reviews and news to the audience. The company is now a hub of technical professionals where the team aims at bringing the latest innovations to people with a wide variety of knowledge. The news and updates provided by TechEngage give a heads up to people about what’s happening around the world. The latest technological reviews are provided based on fair and unbiased insights.

TechEngage covers the following:

Technology news

We provide our audience with up to date technology news about all the new product and software releases. This timely information allows us to keep a heads up on the outside tech world. Technology news covers all the product round-ups and gadget releases.

How to guides

We also provide step by step how-to guide to the beginners about different software and hacks. These tutorials provide users with complete guidance as to how to use different application and softwares. These how to guides are also accompanies by video tutorials.

Mobile App Reviews

TechEngage also provides unbiased reviews about mobile apps which guides the audience better about which app to use and which one is better.

Medical and Science news

The website also provides up to date medical and science news and all the latest researches in the field of medicine. This enlightens the audience about the latest updates regarding science and medicine.