CTR Space is one of the leading projects of TechAbout. It is one of the leading multi-purpose WordPress theme that has been developed to increase your AdSense earnings with the help of our smart ad spaces and SEO friendly layout. Improved Earnings
CTR Space gives you robust ad management which allows you to earn more money in a less period of time. CTR essentially is the % of ads that are clicked per impression. It allows you to be as high as possible and enhances your earnings. SEO Friendly CTR Space has SEO friendly structure that is perfectly optimized for search engines. We make efficient use of tags and your content is exposed to the well-known search engines like Google. Why CTRSpace? CTRSpace is a WordPress theme for business which can be perfect for any purpose. The purpose could be a corporate website or just a personal blog. There are 3 reasons why you should opt for CTRSpace:

Built with Passion

CTRSpace is a theme that is specially created for AdSense revenue optimization. We have built this theme with passion for the ease of people.

Superior User Experience

CTRSpace provides you with important links that helps you find your content. The theme is good enough to attract different users to your website.

World Class Support

Our support team is always present to resolve all your problems and queries. This is why CTRSpace provides world class support to our users.