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TechAbout launched TechEngage Android Application

TechEngage is a Technology News blog that publishes Best News in the World of Tech as well as Reviews and Opinion on different gadgets.

On 23rd November 2019, TechAbout launched the first version of  TechEngage application for the Android Platform.  This will help the Technolgy readers to read the news and get updates on their phone whenever a new post is published by any author.

techengage android appTechEngage application has exciting new features implemented by keeping the user-friendly environment first priority. The following are the features that are included in TechEngage application.

  • Intuitive UI: It has an intuitive design and offers an interactive user experience.
  • Dark Mode: Dark Mode can be enabled and disabled by the user according to its need. This feature is made for users who enjoy using dark mode while reading for a better night time experience.
  • Quick Load Time: The app has been smartly designed to load quickly on users’ devices so that they spend less time waiting and more time exploring all that the App brings for them.
  • Notifications: Whenever a new article will be published the application will notify about it.
  • Likes: Like button helps the user to give a remark on the article as well as save the article for reading in the future.
  • Customizable Categories: Custom Categories can be selected as per user interests.
  • Share Application with others: The sharing feature is integrated so that users can share the application with others.
  • Share Articles with friends via social media: Sharing article feature is integrated so that users can share any guide, review or tech-news with their loved ones.
  • Account Creation: With this feature, new users of the App can register themselves and create a New Account and become a part of our tech-family.
  • Skip Account Creation: This feature is especially for the users who don’t wanna sign-up. They can skip and enjoy the features without creating an account.

You can download TechEngage application and get the best Tech-News. Learn about our application in our Press Release. Application is available on Google Play

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