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Character Design

Looking for a custom character design? We offer premium and high-quality character design services for various industries across the globe.

About services

A well-designed character design adds enormous value to the product and captures the focused users ‘ attention. Our professional artist assets the requirement of the client and end-users while designing a particular character design. This, in turn, helps them produce potential works of art. The artist also considers some factors such as the end-users ‘ genre, age, demographics, education, etc. to add elements to the character that appeals to them.

The character design has several advantages in attracting the target audience to the brand. The character design artist has the creativity to design the character according to his purpose, and they follow the rules and techniques of anatomy design and make a character that is attractive and realistic.

svg+xml;charset=utf - Character Design
svg+xml;charset=utf - Character Design

Our Goals

TechAbout aims to build top-notch and impeccably accurate 2D and 3D character designs at an economic cost, meeting even the most taxing quality standards, according to customers ‘ requirements. We are one of the most successful and responsible 3D character modeling companies in Pakistan, having collaborated with various companies from various industries. Our experience and expertise in fulfilling customer requirements at economic levels enabled us to create a special space in Pakistan’s larger 3D modeling industry.

What We Do?

We are always on the lookout to develop 3D character designs that can add matchless quality to the end product on which the business operates. Our team and our resources are always at your fingertips, irrespective of the scope and size of your requirements, to efficiently fulfill all your digital animation needs.

2D Character Design Services

Our 2D character design professionals create objects or organic or inorganic creatures in accordance with character behavior character character character character character character character character character character character character character behavior, the strength of interactive presentations, commercials, movies, cartoon series, etc.

svg+xml;charset=utf - Character Design
svg+xml;charset=utf - Character Design

3D Character Design Services

The 3D character design team strives to make a realistic effect by paying uncompromising attention to minute details to 3d characters. To provide the best support for flawless rendering, they have exceptional creativity and understanding of the latest technological platforms. 3D Characters are usually  used in game application development. TechAbout 3d Character design services will help you build a high quality game.

Why Choose Us?

All our product proposals are based on our matchless technological infrastructure, where you will meet and surpass all your requirements and specifications for modeling 3D game character modeling and game property. As a professional 2D and 3d character design services, we will work with you at all levels of project execution to ensure that all your demands and specific 3d character animation specifications are met without room for any misconstruction.

Pricing Plan




No of Characters
1 1 1
3500px 3500px 3500px
Source File
No Yes Yes
Vector Design
No No Yes
Social Media Kit
No No Yes
3 5 5
15 Days 10 Days 7 Days

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