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TECHABOUT (PRIVATE) LIMITED is a development company that is dedicated to provide the users with robust technology paired with latest trends and exquisite designs. Within a decade, TECHABOUT has managed to successfully pace up with the status quo.
If you are still confused, we will help you analyze why you should choose TECHABOUT for your next project!
Here is why:

Over The Top Designs

At TECHABOUT, the web designs are intricately developed. The designs are not just developed but there is an entire well-thought strategic process that helps bring together a design that fits your needs the closest. The designs are evaluated, developed, revised and re-developed to make sure that it is not just another design but your perfect design. Designs are never proceeded for further development without the initial approval. Modifications by the users are also catered.

Top Notch Web Development

One of the most user-demanded facilities that TECHABOUT provides is its top notch web development. The developers at TECHABOUT make sure that the user’s site is free from all the glitches and runs smoothly. The process of web development is systemic so that not even a single detail is missed out. The requirement of the clients is carefully understood, sketched out and taken care of.

Marketing Skills

With over a decade of experience, it is safe to say that this company guys know what they are doing and not just that but they are successfully pulling it off.

Whether user is a personal blogger or a commercial business site owner, what strikes him the most is the marketing strategies that any technology development company providing services to him would follow? A good marketing strategy service incorporates the needs of its clients with the fluctuating market to enhance the online marketing experience.

Here, the purpose-oriented online marketing plans and strategies are sketched with a boom of creativity which is bound to make your project stand out from the rest.

The Handy WordPress Tools

Be it plug-ins or Search Engine Optimization tools, TECHABOUT has a collection of all the essentials to build a professional impressive blog. They offer premium plug-ins for everyone! Yes, regardless of the plan you may have, TECHABOUT has plug-ins for it.

Hassle Free WordPress Hosting Transfer

Hosting companies change their plans with the changing trends and that leaves their users in a difficult situation. And even the thought of having to switch from one server to another feels burdensome. With TECHABOUT, the users absolutely do not need to worry about the grind of transferring the entire data from one hosting account to another. It will make sure that your data is secured and not even a bit of it is lost.

The Wider Network

Even if the users are not actively involved in social media (which is a rare possibility), the competing businesses might be. At TECHABOUT, the social marketing strategies hold immense importance. From outlining set targets and measurable objectives to the ultimate goals of the clients, everything is well thought out and practically implemented.

With the social web growing so fast, TECHABOUT’s social marketing integration is intended to do give a massive boost to the user’s business.

Competitive And User-Friendly Search Engine Optimization

One of the substantial marketing strategies that all the online retailers need to build a successful Internet business position is Search Engine Optimization (SEO). TECHABOUT is equipped with latest Search Engine Optimization tools. The tools make sure that the users get the relevant traffic that will in turn add to revenue generation.

The Ad-Sense Placement Widgets That Make Sense

How frustrating is it to see an irrelevant ad widget pop up on a website? People at TECHABOUT know that way too well!

The layouts incorporate smart ad placement widgets that are carefully chosen. And wait it is not just about showing the right ad!  The place where the ads appear is also very important. With smart ad placement widgets you get the position for the ad where the audience is more like to hit and open.

Sounds perfect for the Click Through Rates, right?

The increased Click Through Rates paces up the user’s revenue generation helping him not only sustain his online business but to successfully run it.

The Content

With an eye-catching layout, absolutely unique and to-the-point content is an essential for a successful website. And TECHABOUT does not even disappoint here. Content is written according to the scope of the website. Content at TECHABOUT is unique, authentic and relevant saving the users from having to skim through for finding the relevant material.

The Expertise

Be it Web Developers or Management Team, TECHABOUT goes an extra mile to gather a team that is experienced, brilliant in their task performance and at the same time friendly to engage with.

The Happy Clients

What could be better than knowing about clients’ satisfaction to judge how well a technology development company is doing. At TECHABOUT, you will find an exhausting list of not only satisfied but happy customers. Their services have never disappointed the clients throughout their experienced team, communication, designs, development and customer satisfaction. MoneySite, ThemeBounce, WPOutcast, CTRSpace, WPArena and the list goes on…

Customer Service

The company has a dedicated team for customer support that up for 24/7, round the clock with a response time of a few minutes to provide the customers with brilliant means of support. TECHABOUT can be accessed through email for hiring them. That’s another major plus making them your first choice for your next project.

Our Final Thoughts

With that said, it is safe to say that TECHABOUT covers all the aspects of a GOOD technology development company and it’s not failing in even a single department.

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