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Packing Design

Give your intentive product a persuasive tone, the ‘Shelf-Shout’ that sets up your brand’s promising character in the consumer’s mind immediately. Give your product the expertise of an adroit packaging design agency TechAbout Pvt. Ltd.

Design to Communicate

Before your product gets the prospect to advocate its dazzling traits, it is the packaging that liaises on behalf of your product, competing with other brands. The packaging design should be a mingle of aesthetics & functionality that, along with creating an emotional connect with the customers, also disseminates the information of the product quickly and simply, and at TechAbout, our integrated research, marketing analysis, and design intelligence help you achieve just that. We are one of those rare product packaging design companies in Lahore, Pakistan, who pick an aspiration and personify them into a design.

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Understanding the difference

There is a very small difference between package design and structural package design. We understand the need of the hour and make choices accordingly. Is it the packaging layout that doesn’t work on the market, or is it the sue system to which the brand can not be kept by customers. It becomes important to look at every element and find the core of the problem as a package design company. Those findings and results of the study allow us to determine what the hour needs and how to continue for the same thing.

Product Persona

Product packaging is basically selecting the right ensemble for your brand. Because it is said adequate times, and we do believe it—handle your brand as a human who wants to have a strong relationship with other clients. Therefore, giving it a proper look attracts the right eyeballs. It can even turn the brand into eye candy occasionally. And dictate the purchase-decision of your consumer. Packaging design companies, such as TechAbout, know that packaging isn’t just about attracting, it’s also about solving problems.

Key Features of Packing Design


The product must be unique and impressive that leave a memory in customers mind.


Information must be clear. Customers take few seconds to read any information.


You must be sincere with your client to create and make an impressive package for a good product.

TechAbout Got You Covered

As one of the top packaging design companies in Pakistan, We at TechAbout have decoded the code to striking designs that have a positive influence on the purchase decision. While designing, our designers take into account one of the significant eye-tracking studies derivatives that consumers read on their shopping trip on an average of only seven words and make impulsive purchasing decisions based on color, shape, and location familiarity.

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