wp arena

WPArena is considered as the Top Authority on WordPress. It’s one of the best WordPress sites. WPArena is one of the satisfied projects of TechAbout. It is an online WordPress resource packed with tutorials, online guides, tips and collections and all the necessary information to set up a good blog.

What they have

With an adequate amount of experience in using this open source CMS Blogging Tool i.e WordPress, WPArena is committed to sharing some valuable tips unveiling WordPress products. WPArena is consistently contributing to the WordPress community through their reviews on WordPress products.

Discounted Coupons

WPArena also facilitates its users by referring them to on-going promotions, coupons and discounts for WordPress products and hosting. The users will find coupons and discounts flashing at the bottom with the theme names along its review. The deals section is made to endorse those themes that WPArena deems fit to be endorsed, hence the title Ultimate WordPress Universe!


In the recommendation section, WPArena talks about tips and tricks to optimize WordPress websites and focus on providing good advice about running a WordPress-based website.


WPArena also provides its users with the genuine and up-to-date reviews on a plethora of WordPress themes. The reviews are written in a simple tone without the complex vocabulary to help the user engage with the content as easily. The reviews contain all the necessary information about the WordPress products so the users get to know completely about them before using the products