CTRSpace project


CTRSpace is built for Ad-sense revenue optimization, CTRSpace is a theme that fits for a personal blog and a commercial site equally well. TechAbout has developed their website to provide you the following:

What You Get

At CTRSpace, we offer a custom Ad-sense Ad placement that is optimized for maximum conversion and help the users to earn good revenue from their website. We use Google Ad-sense heat map to make sure that the users get improved ad revenue.


On-The-Go Customization

We have equipped CTRSpace with a one-click customization that allows the users to customize the theme in every aspect without any hassle.

Social Media Integration

The theme come with a social media option. Our social media integration at CTRSpace help the users to maximize their social media sharing. The content is also optimized for social media sites to improve its Google ranking.

User-friendly Layouts

It is a very robust multi-purpose WordPress theme which is a step ahead than other WordPress theme designs. Their goal is to develop a multi-purpose theme that can be adapted to any web situation, from a single blog to a landing page or apps download.

Technical Features

User-friendly design, latest technologies, SEO-Friendly internal structure along with optimized ad-spaces. CTRSpace has got the entire necessary technical features that level up a business site.

Theme compatibility

CTRSpace theme is compatible with WordPress, Bootstrap 3+ and Cross browser.